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You work fast. We know that. You copy-paste, fire clicks and double clicks, use shortcuts, jump from browsers to apps and round again.

What we propose is to power-up your clipboard and work even faster, with less app switching and effortless access to all those important Cmd-C’s you did. Yes, it’s all about Cmd-C’s...

Never Lose a Clip

Whenever you use Cmd-C all copies are stored so you can access them anytime, effortlessly.

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Up to 200 copies

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Seamless search

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Assign labels

Quick access, quick pastes Arrow down

Quick Access, Quick Pastes

No need to get away from the action to fetch a clip. Just use a customisable shortcut (Cmd-Shift-V) to access all your clips right where your mouse cursor is.

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Custom shortcut

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Organize Relevant Clips in Folders

Store websites, passwords, code, poetry, [you name it], in folders and keep clips organized in their right place.

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Unlimited folders

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Locked folders

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Sync With All Your Devices

Easily sync unlimited devices. Your tablet, phone and desktop computer will be constantly updated so you can use and manage clips wherever you are.

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Unlimited devices

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Real time sync

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One more thing...

We Take Security Seriously

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Why Apple devices first?

We have to start somewhere. Apple’s operating systems showed more security than others. But don’t despair, Android, Linux and Windows are already on the pipeline.

End-to-end encryption

Privacy and security is in our DNA, which is why we have end-to-end encryption. When end-to-end encrypted, all your copies, folders and clipmarks are secured from falling into the wrong hands.

All clips are encrypted

All clips are safely encrypted with a key that is created and it’s only stored on your device—Not even your synced devices have access to your encryption key.

Safe sync between your devices

You always have to accept the device on your root computer to make sure it was you who request access to your clipboard.